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18-Aug-2017 15:08

Her dad, Michael Gove, had indicated that he would become the first Conservative Education Secretary to send his offspring to a state school, and reports over the weekend suggested that Holland Park, west London’s “socialist Eton”, was one of the family’s six choices.

In fact, Grey Coat Hospital — a high- performing Christian academy school in Westminster — will be responsible for educating Beatrice.

It’s all change for the matriarchal umpires on TV cooking shows.

Mary Berry’s departure from The Great British Bake Off made headline news; Prue Leith’s subsequent arrival on the show gained similar headlines; and now Andi Oliver, who people will know from Radio 4’s joyous Kitchen Cabinet, has replaced Leith on Great British Menu. I arrive in her eponymous north London restaurant and am immediately made to feel at home, with a cup of tea, a salted caramel and chocolate cake, and a seat on the bench in the back garden, which is full of flowers, fairy lights and cool-looking people.

They are the leading schools named by Tatler in its first-ever state-schools guide last year — the publication of which demonstrated better than anything the blossoming love affair between the middle classes and state education.

Alastair Campbell’s oft-quoted claim that New Labour was consigning the “bog-standard comprehensive” to history may not apply universally quite yet, but the parents whose little ones won admission to these state-funded palaces of learning (one of which was attended by Campbell’s wife Fiona Millar in its previous incarnation as a grammar) will be the happiest Londoners around this week.

Miquita, best known for her work on Channel 4 and T4, has had to file for bankruptcy after failing to pay a tax bill of over £170,000.

A statement released from accountancy firm Baker Tilly Restructuring and Recovery read: ‘HMRC had petitioned for Miss Oliver to be declared bankrupt for unpaid taxes amounting to £174,514.47.

TV presenter Miquita Oliver faces bankruptcy after she failed to pay a tax bill of more than £170,000, according to a firm of accountants.

Paul Noble, a former BBC radio engineer and the founder of Spiritland, King’s Cross’s Mecca for audiophiles, thinks that his latest plan is a “ridiculous idea”.

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