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It was in my first meeting with Zainab that I learned two important things: her real name and her clan.

The latter did not matter much to me, but the first did.

I really feel sorry for them."Others are risking the wrath of the militants, such is their love of the beautiful game.

One man, who lives in the militant-controlled livestock market area of the city said he watched Algeria-Slovenia at home with his family."I have one eye on the TV and the other on the door, and the sound turned down," he said.

It was the summer of 2010 when I got hooked up with a Somali online singles website. Despite her misrepresentations, I was not disappointed. She was a fun person to be with, always smiling and cracking jokes.

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“Before, I used to get dumped a lot,” he lamented, “but now, I simply get deleted.” I share that sentiment: I have been deleted a lot. For the first few months, we exchanged emails and pictures. She was a lot bigger and shorter than her pictures revealed.Ahmed Santos used to live in an area of Somalia run by militants, but now is in a government-controlled area."I can now freely watch the matches," he said."I am so sorry that some of my friends who are now living where I was once don't have that chance to watch the World Cup.I guess that's why accept them more down there but in shaa Allah if his good and respectful I don't see why they won't accept him no matter what his color is.

If you guys are serious get in touch with her wali asap.

Whilst a lot of Somalis came to London as asylum seekers, fleeing civil unrest in their country, many are second, third and even fourth generation Somalis.